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Survey Equipment

Survey Tools & Equipment

A surveyor’s touch, eyes, ears and nose can tell a lot about a vessel during the survey process but some things cannot be measured with these senses. In addition, greater confidence can be gained about a subject if other means can be used to verify whether a problem exists or not. The following equipment may be used during the survey to conduct non-destructive tests and inspections to reinforce findings:

Tramex Skipper moisture meter
Used to take comparative readings of laminates and other hull structural components to gauge relative moisture levels contained within.

Ideal Sure Test Model 61-157 Electrical Circuit Analyzer
Checks the quality of AC electrical circuits verifying voltage, frequency and voltage drop.

Commercial Electric Plug-in Circuit Tester
Checks proper hook up of outlets and function of GFCIs.

Multi-Meter Digital Electrical Tester
Used to verify battery voltage, check bonding and grounding systems, and corrosion testing.

Check-Line Non-Contact Digital Tachometer
Indicates speed of rotating equipment using reflective tape.

Stewart Warner Contact Analog Tachometer
Indicates speed of rotating equipment by contact.

Raytek Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Provides means to prove engine temperature gauges and check the temperature of electrical connections and other equipment.

Digital Calipers
Used to take precision measurements in standard and metric scales.

Measuring Tapes
Various lengths.

Assorted Hammers
For testing fasteners and percussion testing, hard and soft depending on use.

Fuji Digital Camera
Takes pictures to be used in reports.